Satine Kryze & Pre Vizsla: Wealth
In previous part I covered my reading of Satine & Pre’s political and social position. Kryze was ruler of Mandalore with aristocratic roots, while Vizsla - prior to revealing his true identity - worked his way to position of governor on Concordia. Now is time to talk next aspect of how their characters were presented in animated series and tie-in materials.

Wealth alone is connected to their respective political and social roles but it manifests (or not) itself in different ways. That’s why I decided to talk about such wide issue in a separate part.


From the start, Satine is presented as a rich, privileged person - what is nothing unusual for an aristocratic ruler, especially not in Star wars. Her outfits alone are much more colorful, more refined than the clothing of the average Mandalorian woman. Add to that an elegant jewelry and hair decoration, the result is really stunning.

Of course, as a ruler, she must presents herself as powerful as it’s possible, especially in time of crisis (fighting for Mandalore’s neutrality, fighting to gain Republic support against corruption). Which is less about character’s vanity and more a tool in ruthless political game. At the same time, Satine’s more casual clothes, like travel outfit from “Mandalore Plot” still seems to be either above the reach of the common people seen in background or incompatible with fashion preffered by native Mandalorian:

Please, note how majority of background characters have clothes in dull colors (light shades of green, blue and turquoise, some darkish colors) while Duchess’ outfits have clearly vivid, deeper colors with much more jewelry and ornaments.

I suspect it’s mix of both options since TCW Character Encyclopedia mentioned that Satine uses element(s) linked to her homeworld, Kalevala:

Mandalore, Concordia and Kalevala are three major place representing Mandalore system in TCW and tie-in materials - for me, Kalevala seems the most economical prospering and there is question: how Satine’s rich, colorful clothes with visible elements of Kalevalan style affects common people’s perception of her person? Is she seen as a full-fledged ruler with just a different sense of fashion or does a different outfit emphasizes her “otherness”?

Pre Vizsla was also presented as privileged person and as governor of Concordia, most likely rich too. Frankly, we could see him in civil clothes only for a short time, when Duchess paid a visit on Mandalore’s moon along with Kenobi. The visit may not be an official (political) yet the investigation of a terrorist attack that involved a death of Concordian for sure doesn’t count as a social one. And let’s not forget Jedi presence - Satine went there especially to soften the relationship between independent Concorde’s government and emissary of the Republic (”You won’t make much progress without me there, especially since you’ve just been involved with the death of a Concordian”,[s02e12]). To meet political guests, Vizsla looked like that:

Pre’s clothes are closer in color to those of common (native) Mandalorian - a mix of grey, bluish and light shade of green, all dull. The only visible element that may be sort of decoration or may be a sign of the office is small buckle on his right side. (And long sleeves, since so far all members of the mandalorian government(s) like Ruling Council & Prime Minister wear such). Not impressive for such high status. Of course, animated series doesn’t tell us if his clothes were made of better fabric or how much those cost. But between Pre and Satine, Vizsla would merge with the crowd much better than her. Frankly, he was working years to earn trust of New Mandalorians, so maybe that is the whole point? Modest clothes could allow him to gain easier respect by building in common people & other politicans the feeling he is one of them, not above them due to some aristocratic roots? Or maybe he just likes the simpler outfits, who knows? There is also the small detail that Pre was actually born on Mandalore (I talked about it more in previous part) and since we don’t know what kind of clothes are preferred on Concordia, we can’t cross the possibility that he, the same as Satine, allude to his homeworld culture by chosing clothes in certain colors and shape. After Pre’s secret identity came out, we see him wearing only old-traditional mandalorian outfit - full armor. At first, the most distinctive element was the cape, later abandoned in favor of personalized decoration on breast plates, while coloristic is more or less the same:

Since we know that Mandalorian armor is his preferred choice of “clothes”, the civil outfits could be a tool to infiltrate the ranks of the enemy more easily. Those made Pre fitting the crowd of common people (the potential supporters) by not flaunting with his wealth or position. Satine most likely used her rich dress as tool in similar way (to fit into the Republican upper class like noble houses AND senators and to present herself as strong and confident ruler) but I can’t stop wonder if it at the same time didn’t alienate Duchess from her own people? Especially in time of crisis, where common people are suffering lack of supply/basic goods, corruption is spreading and the ruler seems to be over-rich in her chic, colorful (not-native-mandalorian?) dresses? And if yes, how much it affected perception of Mandalorians during final confrontation between Duchess Satine and former- governor-alleged-terrorist-currently-an-army-leader-promising-to-destroy-the-threat-and-traditionalist Pre Vizsla?


Tekst napisany na Cienie-Isengardu, sierpień 2018


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