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Hash Q&A #1

Did Satine really believe in peace?

Hash Q&A #2

What is the difference between DW and Mereel’s Mando boys?

Hash Q&A #3

What were the Mandalorians role in the Clone Wars in Legends/EU?

Jango Fett and his status of Mandalorian Warrior… or lack of therefore

Jango Fett - Mandalorian or not, according to the new canon

New Canon and it`s view on Jango Fett as a Mandalorian

About how the New Canon treats EU characters but doesn't want to acknowledge Jango Fett as a Mandalorian in the comics


"Jaster" and how Tor Vizsla used to always call his enemy by first name

Concordia, Mandalore and Kalevala and their respective economy?

Some thoughts about economy of planets in Mandalore system

Satine Kryze & Pre Vizsla: Political and Social position

Similarities and differences between Satine and Pre in context of their political and social status

Satine Kryze & Pre Vizsla: Wealth

Similarities and differences between Satine and Pre based on their clothes

Satine's Allies

People that gained Satine's truth and how they affect her image of the ruler

Satine & Pre: paintings seen in their residences

Some thoughts about artworks seen in the Clone Wars series

Satine Kryze and Pre Vizsla: Wealth (living conditions)

Similarities and differences between Satine and Pre based on their living conditions

The Seat of Leader

Thoughts about Pre Vizsla's chair

A Mandalorian Tradition?

Thoughts about one particular item being shown in a few places in Knights of the Old Republic comics series.


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