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Jaster Mereel and Tor Vizsla had different ideas about being Mandalorian. I thought you of all people would know what the difference is between DW and Mereel’s Mando boys. The civil war? Remember that? Ideologies aside, Fett raised Boba to be a professional hunter and Mandalorian, after all Jango stood by Mereel’s ideas. I can’t wrap my head around how could you say “Mereel and Tor were Mandos all the same” when their ideological differences led to an effing civil war lol

When I wrote “but frankly jango comes from the same mando society like tor and jaster mereel” in tags I wasn’t talking about their ideology itself but about Mandalorian brutality as a whole. Death Watch committed many crimes, that affected from singular family to the whole villages/cities, maybe even planet(s). Due to Tor’s decisions, people were killed (Fett’s family) if not outright massacred (village on Galidraan, Fett’s True Mandalorians courtesy of Dooku & Jedi). The life of (outside) people meant nothing to Death Watch, because they believed in the old traditions, wanted Mandalorians to come back to their warrior roots. The idea of the “law of stronger“ is visible here and later, in TCW’s Death Watch as well (”Never let the weak tell you what to do").

Then we have the True Mandalorians. I know that SW Insider and Fact Files had unfortunate tendency to glorification of Jaster Mereel (while simultaneously put down Tor to make Jaster look better in comprasion). I guess most Mando fans heard at some point how Mereel wanted change Mandalorian for better, to bring them to the old, yet honorable ways. Except nope, not really.

The basic source (and even that is not objective(!) since it’s told by Dooku, Jango and Jango’s ally POV) - Jango Fett: Open Seasons - summed up Mereel as:

“[…] a reformed murderer named Jaster Mereel who held that the Mandalorians were merely highly-paid soldiers”.

To me that doesn’t sound like let’s became once again a honorable warriors who respect honor above anything else. Maybe I have a different idea of what makes one a honorable warrior, dunno. Mereel may wrote some Code of Supercommando (which is so shame there was nothing like that in Bounty Hunter Code, seriously), but I think it would be similar to what Jango handed to little Boba: “Your loyalty, your honor – these are the things that matter. When you accept a mission, when you give your word, it is all that matters. As you grow into a man, you must remember: in battle, there can be no mercy".

Which is still more about fulfilling a contract than living with your own consciousness in peace. This example are words of wisdom, sure, but it comes down to 1) you promised to kill someone, you kill that person regardless who is good or bad guy in the conflict and 2) no mercy. Jango and Boba destroyed a rebel camp full of desperate people who fought for the better life, not only their own, but their children since all were forced into slave labour and like always, the opressors are those with money to paid, so Jango (and Mandalorians like him) works for the “stronger” with little care for people misery in general. Of course, that doesn’t mean Jango is cold-hearted bastard because he had his moments of compassion (even if those get in the way) but since he learned Bounty Hunter profession directly from Mereel (and maybe Montross), this may be a clue of Mereel’s mindset.

Comics didn’t give us much chance to see what kind contracts Mereel took - only one, an extraction of rookie security squad from Korda Defense Forces that was pinned down by hostile locals who were supposedly poorly armed. Mereel literally assumed “this should be easy credits” (understable, since he took an easy mission for Jango’s sake alone, since he was just promoted to squad commander. Not bad from moral standpoint, right? But after Mereel’s died and Jango became the new Mandalore/leader, True Mandalorians took more brutal direction (due to Fett’s obsession to find and destroy Tor & Death Watch). Once again we see him working for government (this time of Galidraan) to eliminate insurrection (what may or may not be fighting against an corrupted ruler who apparently had a ties to Vizsla and even supported financially DW). There is little solid facts, really and what Fett did as a Mandalore does not mean this is what Mereel would do personally - then again, Order 66 book presented a small quote of Jaster Mereel, which him talking about So what’s wrong with being a mercenary?, so yeah, he could as well take contract for political killing for all we know. What I’m trying point out, True Mandalorians took parts in extermination of people for money alone. Which I don’t think is that better or nobler than Death Watch killing for their own desire to return to the old days. Different reasons, yet effect the same, Mandalorian warriors and merceneries are alike brutal and uncaring for who get killed in the process of their missions.

The basic source, the comics, did not dwell much on Jaster or Tor’s ideology nor their true motives nor tell us much from their own POVs. But both - and their respective groups - were using violence with little care how it will affect other (outsiders), albeit for different reasons (money vs personal ambitions). And frankly, for me Mereel and Vizsla are just two sides of the same coin and not so really different from each other in the end. The real difference is that Mereel is usually painted in all good light by additional sources while in the same articles Tor is the “barbarian” or “madman” even though he fit into (Legends) Mandalorian Ways perfectly.

I feel like I really should finish my half-written text about Tor Vizla and Mandalorian Norms to show people that he (and Death Watch) isn’t any anomaly compared to other Mandalorian groups.


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