Concordia, Mandalore and Kalevala and their respective economy?
Mandalore, Concordia and Kalevala are three major place representing Mandalore system in TCW and tie-in materials.

Concordia was agricultural settlement turned into mining base what almost destroyed eco system (forest) of the moon. Most likely when mining facilities were shut down, Concordia’s economy once again changed in a noticeable way. There is many questions, like how much ecological disaster influenced agriculture? How many people lost jobs then and needed to find a new source of money for living? Was there any wave of immigrants travelling to Mandalore or Kalevala in search of work? And frankly, did the sudden appearance of expelled warriors has left its mark on Concordia’s economy?.

So far we have seen / were told, Concordia’s the most important merchandise was most likely beskar (Mandalorian iron) which extraction and production was shut down years ago. There is also a chance that Concordia also engages in food production to some extent depending how much the rebuilding eco system allows.

Despite being the “capital” of the whole system, the moment Mandalore was cut off from interplanetary trade routes, we were told both by narrator (“supplies are impossible to come by, except on the black market”) and Satine (”The help we need now is opening trade routes so we may get supplies more freely.“) that the population of the planet is suffering due to limited access to basic goods like food (”Mandalore should not need, to pay smugglers to feed its people” said one member of Ruling Council) - and such desperation increases the growth of corruption (”Beyond these stars, there’s a war going on. As long as my company imports goods, most people turn a blind eye to anything else”, said corrupted Mandalorian). All informations comes from the same episode, “Corruption” [s03e05].

Looking at how Mandalore’s main city looks outside (people living under the dome, around just white sands and in general inhospitable environment)

and inside (very built-up space, limited amount of greenery)

do native Mandalorian have access to constant source of food (own farms, greenhouses and the like) or do they rely more on import from the other planets (maybe Kalevala or even Concord Dawn?). Frankly, I’m not sure how many cities and smaller urban centers is on Mandalore though doctor Zaz - the one telling Duchess about poisoned children - did mention they have gotten “reports from across the planet” [s03e05] what may suggest there are other biger cities. How one feed so many people when Mandalore itself to a large extent has contaminated and / or infertile to cultivate lands?

Mandalore may have exclusive goods for sale (advanced technology or art work, maybe? and according to Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Friends like these, the potential economic power of Mandalore was build around export of beskar) but
A) its economy most likely had problems in the recent past (due to Civil War) and
B) the shutting down of Concordia’s mines could cause some tension between Mandalore and its moon, depending how economy of one affect the other and
C) seems to be dependent on the import of basic goods like food. At this point I think in case of war, Republic don’t even need besiege the planet, just cut it off from food supplies and medicine, and Mandalore is in big trouble.

Kalevala on other hand seems doing much better than previously discussed places, even though TCW did only mention it few times. The Essential Guide states that Kalevala as a toxic desert type of planet. And yet there is at least one New Mandalorian settlement. Satine Kryze and Tal Merrik were born on Kalevala and both have aristocratic (albeit not really clarified) roots. What is more important, tie-in materials like TCW Character Encyclopedia & Visual Guide: New Battlefronts provide additional information suggesting that Kalevala has exclusive goods that are suitable for export and may positively influence the economy of the planet. Like:

rich clothes

an expensive wine (seen in Voyage of Temptation [s02e13] and maybe it’s what Satine drank in “Corruption” [s03e05]) and

luxury liner(s) like Coronet. In other words, I think TCW and tie-in materials imply that Kalevala produces diversified goods that probably power the economy in a visible way. Of course, we don’t know how much Kalevala is dependent on food supplies from other planet(s) or how much suffered during cutting off Mandalore system from trade routes, but if there is expensive wine, shouldn’t that means there is also some sort of plantation that provides the necessary ingredients for production, to make the wine unique on the galactic market?

Of course, the limited amount of information only allows to draw some basic conjectures. Right now for me Kalevala seems to be the most economical prospering place of all three. At least to Clone Wars.


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