Satine's Allies
Remember Almec, the Prime Minister of Mandalore?

Or Pre Vizsla, the Governor of Concordia?

Or Tal Merrik, senator from Kalevala, a Satine’s homeworld?

And let’s not forget Bo Katan Kryze, her own sister!

I kinda feel bad for Satine and how people she thought were her allies - and more, friends - actually betrayed her one by one in really short period of time. At the same time I can’t stop wondering was Satine so clueless and/or gullible to end with so many traitors in her closest circle or were they so good at acting to be loyal (Pre was for many years pretending to be a “true” New Mandalorian after all and Almec acted for his own purposes/greed) or did something happened that made people like Merrik eagerly betray her?

I know them betraying Satine (New Mandalorians) was a needed part of plot(s) and all, but Duchess’ government and by extension she as a ruler look weak because of it.


Tekst napisany na Cienie-Isengardu


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