Satine’s Royal Guards in “Mandalorian Plot” episode
I’m actually working on another parts about similarities and differences between Pre and Satine (X)(X), now focused on broadly understood wealth so I’m rewatching once again A Mandalorian Plot and I can’t finish planned work because I’m too distracted by the first meeting with Vizsla and Kenobi’s asking Satine for help after he went to spy check the mines. Mainly because of the way the scenes played.

So, bear with me, cause I’m gonna rant a bit:

Satine is the ruler of Mandalore. Check. Pre Vizsla is a head of state on Concordia . Check. They are political allies but also a rulers of of independent governments. Check. Satine has her own royal guards. Check. Said guards are accompanying her and Obi-Wan, like seen on the picture below:

Duchess Satine is paying a visit to Concordia, to transport body of dead terrorist / Death Watch member. Concordia is a place were the warriors were once exiled and where Death Watch has its base / origin. About what Satine is aware since she told Kenobi about that not so ago (” […] have tracked them down to our Moon, Concordia”). So even though she and Pre are supposed to be allies and friends, Concordia is not a safe place for her. From perspective of time, we know who Vizsla is, but at that time he hadn’t any reason to betray his secret identity thus should play concerned and/or cautious friend / ally - similar like Satine was during senator Padme Amidala’s visit on Mandalore. They were clearly friendly to each other yet the police patrols were intesified during their ride across the city (”Normally there would be five times as many officers out here. They’re off at the parade. Some big shot just arrived on Mandalore”, Corruption [s03e05]). What makes sense, no one would like any unhappy accident during political meeting. Pre comes personally to welcome Satine and her friend, Jedi master Kenobi only with two guards. Who may not even be there to protect him, but just to help escort the dead body (evidence of crime). Well, Concordia is different place than Mandalore so maybe population there is smaller or they have a bit different approach to the subject of the security of their own leaders and visiting rulers of another, independent governments. Whatever. What bothers me the most if what Satine’s royal guards do:

and soon they are out of picture (literally), when Satine stayed with Kenobi alone in foreign hangar while Pre and his two guards walked away to take care of the body:

Royal Guards instead of staying with Satine and making sure their Duchess is protected all the time, they are… helping transporting the dead body even though Pre and his two guards came there to do it personally and Pre did not even suggests someone’s will take his guests to waiting room, or something, how rude! What the hell? I mean, I know it’s a way to have the private talk between Satine and Obi-Wan, but really, what is a point of having your own guards if they aren’t around? I mean, just look at her, standing alone in open hangar that is not guarded, while solid metal door already enclosed themselved after Pre, his guards AND Satine’s own Royal Guard.

Does that means, someone needed to come back for her? Just… I better move on. Let’s talk about next scene that drives me crazy due to its absurdity.

Kenobi just like that stole vehicle from Concordian government hangar (shouldn’t such vehicle have some transmitter or something like that to easy indicate its location, especially after stealing it?) and is out, searching mines (how he even knew where to go?). Satine meets with Pre in his personal(?) quarter, once again with her two Royal Guards:

who are witnesses of Pre & Satine drinking together

So far everything seems to be like it should, right? They stay enough close to intervene at the moment of danger, yet far enough away to not violate their privacy completely.

Then Obi-Wan is calling Satine for help, who needs leave Pre without arousing suspicions:

Pre: Are you not feeling well, Duchess?

Satine: Perhaps some fresh air would do me good.

Pre: Shall I escort you outside?


Satine: Oh, I’ll find my way.

So, Pre plays the concerned and helpful ally; noticed her distraction and even ask if she wish him to escort her to more open space. Nice and all, alright. It makes sense Pre does not imposes himself when she refused but WHY THE HELL HER ROYAL fucking GUARDS ALLOWED HER GOING ALONE ANYWHERE?

Like, let’s look closely at the scene - Pre’s quarter does not have any balcony not direct connection to open space. Satine must walk through at least one corridor to get to hangar.

Even if she wasn’t in rush to save Obi-Wan and really just wanted get some fresh air, there is no direct way to do so without walking through some part of the building and what could happen if Death Watch infiltrated Concordian government and her enemy simply kill her during such moment? I know, so difficult to believe, yeah, but still. What her personal bodyguards were doing when she was rescuing Kenobi and almost died? Staying all the fucking time in Pre’s room, even when he get out to personally try to kill her and Jedi?

What was the point of them, if there were useless through all important moments of the episode and did not act as her bodyguards at all?

I don’t care that Satine needed to save Obi-Wan so he could in return stand in her defense. The guards should never let Satine out of their sight even for a moment. But yeah, sure, leave her at every opportunity, it’s not like there is dangerous group of people who want her dead or anything like that. Good Force, such details kill joy of watching like nothing else.


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