The Seat of Leader
So, remember the “A Friend in Need” episode [s04e14] in which Death Watch had a feast? Pre was sitting on unique seat, at his side the newcomer / guest, Lux.

That little detail highlights Pre’s high position, his leadership. It makes him stand out from the crowd at the first sight.

The seat then should be something special, right?

So… either it’s just my bad eyesight or actually the seat is not so special, since other warrior(s?) are using it without second thought in “Eminence” [s05e14]. I mean, this is Pre’s private tent, and a chair of the Deatch Watch chief but 1) Vizsla is not bothered by anything that other warriors are doing (eating, talking to each other, using his chair - the supposed symbol) and 2) Mandalorians are feel/act if they were in their own “home”.

Such small detail and yet so awesome. Not only for the additional information about Mandalorian warrior culture but also how often in Star Wars we actually see leaders to share their “thrones” with their people?

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