Some thoughts after watching The Mandalorian season 2
I finally watched the second season of The Mandalorian and I know that the whole deal about darksaber started with TCW and Rebels but good damn, I still hate this concept. As a fan of Mandalorians, it emotionally hurts me that the new canon changed their culture from "the best should lead us" to revolve around “Jedi weapon” as the symbol of mandalorian ruler that gives some weird claims to the throne of all things. Like wtf, Mandalorians aren’t monarchy, they don’t need princesses and duchess or whatever.

The idea of diverse social classes based on wealth and / or political connections was interesting matter in TCW as the difference between Satine’s New Mandalorians and Pre’s Death Watch - a change in mentality that most likely happened under Republic’s dominance over the last few hundred years, but applying the idea of aristocracy or just claims to throne to mandalorian warriors in current situation is such a nonsense I have hard time to wrap my mind about it. Why the hell the darksaber is even needed to reunite mandalorian folks? There was an Empire that devastated their land, enslaved them (at least in Legends). Aren’t those reasons enough to unite people against common oppressors? If Bo must fight for dominance, then she should just challenge other clan leaders to duel. It was a mandalorian tradition acknowledged even in The Clone Wars. Why can’t it work now?

Also, addressing Bo as lady irritated me back in the Rebels, but now to hear Boba calling her princess (even if just as an insult) surprised me in a bad way and the fact that suddenly the darksaber can be passed to someone else only if a said person win it in a fight is… whatever. I did not watch all Rebels seasons so I barely know what is going on with Mandalore anymore, but Bo got the darksaber from Sabine just like that, now she can’t take it from Din who doesn’t want it at all and this is Disney’s idea of compliance with the canon and coherence of sources? Uh. Why do I still bother, I wonder…

And I see Disney is still all about Boba not being Mandalorian (which frankly he always trod on the edge between be one or nor be at all) but Bo-Katan’s remark how he disgraced the armor would made bigger impact on me, if Jango was first acknowledged by her as a great Mandalorian warrior (if not the leader of True Mandalorian, I’m not even that demanding) and just then insulted for not following mandalorian traditions or whatever.

It was nice to see Boba again, but the interaction between Bo, Koska and Boba didn’t make much of impact on me. The little fight was pretty nice though. And in all seriousness, from the final episode I liked the most how the four women teamed up and were badass together while Din of course get his ass kicked by a death trooper.


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