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karagin12 said to Satine's Allies:

She was clueless, she believed her side’s propaganda, she actually believed that ALL of the Mandalorians wanted peace, when in fact they didn’t.

But did she really believe that? What Duchess (the ruler of Mandalore) said to Obi-Wan - an official emissary of Republic / Jedi Council in Throne Room:

Satine: My shining Jedi Knight to the rescue once again.

Kenobi: After all these years, you’re even more beautiful than ever.

Satine: Kind words from a man who accuses me of treachery.

Kenobi: I would never accuse you of personal wrongdoing, Duchess. However, a Separatist saboteur attacked one of our Republic cruisers, A Mandalorian saboteur. *shows evidence*

Almec: You must be mistaken. No Mandalorian would engage in such violence. Not anymore. Where is this prisoner now?

Kenobi: He took his own life rather than submit to questioning. I know these commandos fought in many wars, often against the Jedi.

Satine: Every one of my people is as trustworthy as I am.

I know we sound Defensive, but–

Satine: – clearly your investigation was ordered because the Senate is eager to intervene in our affairs.

is not 100% the same as what Satine said to him in much less formal walking around the palace:

Satine: It’s so good to see you again, Obi-wan, despite the circumstances.

Kenobi: Your peaceful ways have paid off. Mandalore has prospered since the last time I was here.

Satine: Not everyone on Mandalore believes that our commitment to peace is a sign of progress. There is a group that calls Itself Death Watch. I imagine these are the renegades you’re looking for. They idolize violence and the Warrior Ways of the past. There are those among us, certain officials who are working to root out these criminals. It has been an ongoing investigation.

Kenobi: How widespread is this Death Watch movement?

Satine: It’s hardly a movement. It’s a small group of hooligans who choose to vandalize public places, nothing more. We shall soon have them In custody. We have tracked them down to our moon, Concordia.

I hope you’re right, Duchess.

Satine knows not everyone wants peace and there is still a group of unhappy Mandalorians who wish to back to Warrior Ways. She is aware about their activity and even managed to form an “alliance” between Mandalore and Concordia represented by Pre Vizsla, an independent from her governor (and maybe worked with other planets of system/sector) to investigate and arrest those she sees as criminals (and if they truly devastated public places or did anything else in conflict with applicable law, they yes, she may call them criminals). But she admits that only when she and Kenobi aren’t involved in formal discussion like before - even here, I’m not sure how much Satine believe in her own words and how much she lessen the danger. Is she underrated Death Watch because she doesn’t see them as a real threat or is she doing this on purpose to satisfy Kenobi’s curiosity yet not pick up his interest in the matter?

Kenobi, as an official emissary of Republic Senate / Jedi Order came to Mandalore with evidence for Mandalorian Warrior(s) working for Separatist - something that Satine, Almec and Merrik denied, because this is Mandalore government’s official statement: there is no warriors between New Mandalorians. When Kenobi brought up Mandalore’s past, how Mandalorian warriors fought many times agains Jedi, thus accussed (not so suble hinted the possibility for) Satine’s people. What she was supposed to say then? Yeah I know, between my people are those who would kill Jedi and/or pay back Republic for the Mandalorian Extinction from 700 year ago, but we are good, you can trust us, sure…? That is now how diplomatic / politics work. Satine’s response is to show her people are trustworthy the same as she is, which comes down about trust (or lack of therefore) between her and Republic Senate. What Duchess accused Kenobi; that he is there only because Council / Senate want to intervene in Mandalore’s affairs because they don’t accept Mandalore’s neutrality in war.

Satine’s stubborn pursuit of what she believes to be right was not fair towards people with a different opinion, I agree with that. The fact she keeps call them criminals and renegade is a proof she doesn’t take their opinions & feelings into account and there is a lot to say about that problem. But I do not agree with the statement she believed everyone wants a peace and was clueless about Death Watch. She knows that to some extent. How much is another question though.


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