A Mandalorian Tradition?
Knights of the Old Republic comics series showed for a while Demagol’s laboratorium. For those unfamiliar with the series, Demagol was Mandalorian scientist trying to discover the secrets of Jedi sensitivity to Force, among other things. He was so much into that, during war he conducted research on captive Jedi - as you can imagine, it was pretty brutal, to the point that even other Mandalorian warriors (fighting in Mandalorian Wars and born much later) considered Demagol the butcher.

Here is his laboratorium:

Along the room equipment that seems be advanced technology and various handy tools, there are also skulls & bones and burning candles.

The bones alone may be part of Demagol’s research (as sort of anthropology study, maybe?) but the candles do not seems to play a functional role. The source of light is provided by technology, a few candles will not provide heat either. To tan the tools as a form of disinfection do not requires so many candles at once and I’m sure that there are more efficient ways anyway.

So, fine, maybe Demagol just has such aesthetic sense.

But soon after that arc, the main hero came back to Taris and takes part in quest to kill Cassus Fett, a second-in-command/Field Marshal of Mandalore the Ultimate. During battle of Taris, Mandalorian took over Jedi Temple, and there Cassus had the temporary headquarters. Thanks to advanced technology, he could supervise and correct the operation of Mandalorian army.

When main hero get to the Tower, he found another warrior packing equipment. Along the advanced technology to holo-communication, there are Mandalorian Neo Crusaders flags, some most likely weapons (axe and spear?), skull and few burned candles:

Flags make sense - it’s a way to mark the place as belonging to Mandalorians. I assume those things are weapons; either Mandalorian ones or a war throphy. Once again, we have candles that do not have any practical use; the place has advanced technology and a means to power it, so candles are pretty much outdated stuff. What is interesting, on previous frame, the candles were burning (used) while Cassus corrected military operations, not to mention the presents of skull. In case of Demagol, it makes sense he had access to bones, but how Cassus get this one? The headquarter was established in former Jedi Council Chamber, so I doubt Jedi masters would keep stuff like that around.

What brings me to the feeling that Mandalorians may still have practiced some religious(?) traditions, even though many sources claims that the warriors around Mandalorian Wars departed from the worship of gods. The feeling is supported by the fact that Cassus and Demagol did not like each other and competed for Mandalore’s favor yet both seems to follow the same “ritual”, whatever it is supposed to be (simplified sacrifice for the gods? Mandalorian aspect to make a new place their own? War trophies? Just aesthetic?)



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