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'Manda`Yaim - Polish Mandalorian Community' is, as it's name says, the organization uniting polish Mandalorians. It was established at the end of October 2007 and it is slowly yet systematically developed since then. Since March 29, 2010 - the day it was opened for all the Star Wars fans - we try to act in even more active way and in wider spectrum. We maintain constant cooperation with allied websites and organizations. Apart form strictly Internet activity, we also attend to local Star Wars Fans meetings and country-wide conventions. Other non-Internet form of our activity is certainly creation of Mandalorian armor and weaponry replicas as well as fan-fiction writing and fan-art creation done by some of our members.

Our goals, not counting good fun of course, are increasing the knowledge of who Mandalorians were and what should be their principals, showing the influence they had on the universe created by George Lucas and exhibiting different aspects of their culture and tradition.

Apart from strictly Mandalorian matters, we are interested in whole Star Wars universe and you can find us on the websites dedicated to Star Wars in general or more specific about one of its aspects, both polish and foreign.

The website is, as for now, entirely in Polish language. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them at xyuri@mandayaim.com

'Star Wars' and all 'Star Wars' characters, locations and events mentioned here are copyrighted by LucasFilm, Ltd. This website is non-profit and was created for entertainment purposes only.

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