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*** Dooku dający Jango zlecenie

Greetings, Jango Fett. I am Tyranus. I have a proposition for you. You are one of the select few chosen to participate in a special hunt for a special prey. If you succeed the reward will be in the amount of five million Republic credits.
Five million! Wow, that could make you for life! Who's the poor sap with that kind of price on his head, huh?
You mean her head.
You are to locate and capture Komari Vosa, dead or alive. The deranged leader of the Bando Gora.
No, no Jango... Not the Bando Gora, it's too dangerous, even for you.
Like you said, this hunt can make me.
Or break you! No bounty hunter who set out after the Bando Gora has ever returned!
Heh, worried about losing your finder's fees?
Now that's not fair. You know I worry about you.
What else do you know about this Bando Gora?
Only rumors. They're a very secretive organization. They're everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I heard they're behind the new death stick craze.
Death sticks are big in Coruscant's underworld.
Oh, that reminds me. There's a bounty for a death stick dealer on Coruscant. He's small time, though. Hah! Probably not worth the effort.
If he's in with the Bando Gora, it's a good start.
I don't know... I've got a bad feeling about this one, Jango.
Heh, what else is new. See you around, Roz. I may need your help, keep in touch.
You know, I wouldn't be surprised if you ran into Montross on this hunt.
I'd be surprised if I didn't.

*** Styl polowania Montrossa

Montross. I can pay you double. Triple. Please. Please don't kill me. I'm worth more alive.
You're worth enough dead.

*** O statku Jango/Jastera

Ugh, I can't believe you're still flying that relic, Jango. Why don't you spend some of your hard-earned cash on a new ship?
Not a chance. She belonged to Jaster Mereel.
I know, I know... The Mandalorian soldier who took you under his wing. You ever think maybe you hang onto that ship - those memories - because you're looking for someone to take under your own wing?
Heh. Roz, you're sounding like a psych-droid. What's the info on the death stick dealer?
With you it's always business. Jervis Gloom, Coruscant police want him alive. My sources tell me he works the entertainment sector. Think this creep knows anything about the Bando Gora?
When I find him, I'll ask him.

*** Jango nie brak pewności siebie

But Jango, we ARE talking about a maximum security prison. Nobody in his right mind would try to break someone out of there.
It's just another job, Roz. I'll slip in and out before they notice he's missing.

*** O nowym statku Jango

Is the prisoner secured in the hold?
Bound and tranquilized.
You're Jango Fett, aren't you? I've heard of you. I'm Zam Wesell.
You must be new to the business.
Why, because you haven't heard of me?
No, because you're reckless. You could learn a thing or two about being subtle.
You call that subtle? You just brought down a Republic prison.
My plan didn't include you, or the chaos you started back there. You cost me my ship.
My plan didn't include you trying to hijack my prisoner.
Anyway you should thank me. This babe is a big improvement over that relic. I've never seen a ship like this. What is she anyway?
She's a firespray pursuit special, one of six prototypes manufactured for the prison. She's the last of her kind now.
Won't the correctional authorities hunt her down?
I've deactivated her transponder. They'll assume she was destroyed with the rest. We're in the clear.
We're ready for the jump to lightspeed. Let's see what she can do.

*** Montross o Jango.

Groff Haug lied to me!
Are any of this smugglers still alive?
Benddix Fust currelntly in the Oovo IV. Checking status. Benddix Fust is also wanted alive by Malastare crime lord Sebolto. Revard is 50000.
Incoming transmision. Their reports of raid at Oovo IV, all contact with the prison is ceased.
Well now, it`s look like Jango Fett is still in a game.

*** Montross "wkurzający" Jango.

Roz, did you find Vosa's system?
Roz? Roz, do you copy?
Sorry, Jango. Your Toydarian friend is...unavailable.
Where is she?
Don't worry, pal. She's not dead – not yet. She's a tough old bird: took a while to get her to hand over that data.
You just signed your death warrant.
Don't be a sore loser. It's just business, old buddy.

*** Jango żegnający się z... przyjaciółką.

Roz.... I know. I look terrible. I told you...I had a bad feeling,
I'll get you out of here-
There's no time.
Montross...set thermal charges. You have to get out of here fast. V-Vosa is on the moon of Bogden. You might still make it.
Take this. I-I made this before he arrived. It'll guide you.
I'm sorry, Roz.
I knew the risks,Get Vosa, collect your reward.
Just...find something...something to live for besides the money. You deserve more.
Now go. Get out of here...while you still can. See you on the other side.

*** Dooku i Jango "podpisujący" umowę

Congratulations, bounty hunter.
I'm impressed. No ordinary man can defeat one trained in the Jedi arts, especially one trained by me.
Komari Vosa was once an excellent pupil, if a bit....unstable.
You knew Vosa was here.
I thought she might one day prove a valuable ally. Instead, she became a liability.
If you could have easily killed her before, why put a price on her head?
To find you. This contest brought you to me.
I'll collect the reward now.
Of course, of course, Five million, was it? Or much more, if you'll come with me to be cloned.
You want to clone me?
Imagine, An army of clones, the training of which you will oversee. They will be modified to grow at twice the rate of ordinary men, and be programmed for absolute loyalty. They will be magnificent, perfect you.
What makes you think I'd be interested?
A chance at immortality, to pass on your ways to an army of warriors crafted in your image, a great deal of money. How could a man such as you not be interested?I'll accept your offer, Tyrannus...on one condition," he said, leaning forward and holding up one finger.
And that is?
I want the first clone for myself. Unmodified.
Might I inquire as to why?
You might.
Very well, consider it done. We have a deal then, Jango Fett.

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