Cytaty - Audio - Knights of the Old Republic II - Sith Lords

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*** Canderous o Revanie.

The Republic is a stagnant beast, that had been killing its people for years before the wars began.
Were it not for Revan's strength, the Republic would already be dead.
Only Revan was worthy of our respect. We swept through the Outer Rim without any opposition - until Revan assumed command of the Republic forces.
(gracz) You seem awfully complimentary of Revan, considering he almost destroyed your people.
Only Revan was worthy of our respect. We swept through the Outer Rim without any opposition - until Revan assumed command of the Republic forces.
Only then did the battle turn. But as you know, only a handful of Jedi fought, while the others cowered in their halls, afraid to meet us head on.

*** Rozmowa z Kumusem.

I am Kumus. And Xarga was not wrong in thinking me dead. We assume that any Mandalorian who does not report back within a day has been taken by the jungle.
I still live... I am just in a difficult situation.

*** O tym że Mandalorianie sobie pomagają.

I'll be sure to tell Mandalore how much help you've been. I know you didn't ask, but here's a reward anyway.
Mandalorians are expected to do anything they can to help. But you're a stranger, and you didn't have to help us.

*** Canderous o Mandalorianach.

Canderous: Soon the Mandalorians will be strong again, united as one clan under one banner. Mine.
Kreia: Ah, yes. The great crusade - after the first one was ended by Revan and the Jedi. Such a defeat was merciful, an echo of the end, when your ships were in flames, crushed in the grip of Malachor V. But I do not need to remind you of such things.
Canderous: I was at Malachor V. And I remember how many Jedi died to stop us there. And no matter how many dead orbit that planet, the Mandalorians still live. Clan Ordo still lives.
See Kex there - he was serving on Nar Shaddaa as muscle for the Hutts. Kelborn was a scout for the Duros on frontier worlds. I brought them here, gave them a purpose. This galaxy will be ours again, I promise you. That is the future.

*** Rozmowa przed walką w kręgu bitewnym.

Sierżant: You are new here, so you will fight Davrel. He is young and has not been able to prove himself in battle. Davrel - what are your terms?
Davrel:No weapons, no Jedi tricks, and no items. Just fist and foot. A true test of strength.
Sierżant: Put your weapon away, Jedi. Don't step out of the circle, and pull any death blow. No one dies in the battle circle.

*** O kręgu bitewnym i Kexie.

After defeating Davrel, you have gained some small honor. There is a challenger for you. He is Kex the quartermaster.

*** Przed walką z Tagrenem.

Sierżant: You choose to fight again. Now face a real Mandalorian warrior. Tagren - what are your terms?
Tagren: Just fist and foot, like your fight with Davrel. Nothing else!
Sierżant: Tagren chooses to fight hand to hand. Remember no weapons allowed, and absolutely no use of your "Force."

*** Kolejna walka w kręgu.

Sierżant: You have enough honor to face a champion of a previous day. Kelborn, what are your terms?
Kelborn: Swords only. No items or the Jedi's Force. And no sword of the Jedi's choosing. Just a simple long blade.
Sierżant: Kelborn chooses to fight with the blade. You may fight with fist, foot, and the blade provided. No using the Force or any other item.

*** O przegranej w kręgu i Bralorze.

I have lost. But this was no true contest. Jedi are skilled warriors, and I am young. I will train very hard to match you in combat next time.
But there are others already here who are more than your equal. Bralor is one of the mightiest among us. He could teach you humility.

*** O kręgu.

If you fight in the circle again this day, you will face the bravest and strongest of us. Bralor.

*** Finałowa walka w kręgu.

Sierżant: We eagerly look forward to this fight. Bralor, you are our champion. How would you fight the Jedi?
Bralor: No terms today, sergeant. I would fight the Jedi with all of his arsenal.
Sierżant: Bralor... will fight you as you are. Still no killing and no leaving the battle circle. But you may use whatever else you want.

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