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*** O zmianach w życiu Boby

Mirta turned her back on him, displaying a saffron plate decorated with gold sigils and glyphs that he'd seen on the Vevut clan's armor. She was definitely serious about Ghes Grade, then. That meant Fett would have a grandson-in-law soon, and with it a kinship to Novoc Vevut and the rest of the clan; it was all getting too much for him, too involved, too rooted.

*** Boba mówiący o tym jak został Mand`alorem

I didn't want to do it, "he said. "I didn't even want to be Mandalore. But if I hadn't shot Shysa, he'd have died a rotten death. I owed him better than that.

*** Jaina "poznająca" Beviina.

It was tempting just to come clean and tell him she was Jaina Solo, yes, that Jaina Solo, but a black object dangling from his shoulder plate distracted her. It was alien hair, somehow familiar. Mandalorians loved their trophies. Fett went in for braided Wookiee scalps. It was pretty disgusting, but she wasn't here to be judgmental about their customs. She needed Mandalorian help.
"Is that Yuuzhan Vong?" she asked, trying to be casual.
"Indeed it is, "said Beviin. "Nothing I like better than killing crab-boys."

*** O dr Beluine i Sintas/Bobie

Fett waited outside the door for a few moments. He could hear the droid whirring as it moved around the bedroom, and Dr. Beluine's murmuring voice. As soon as the doctor came out, he'd go in and sit with Sintas for a while. After that, he'd start his sessions with Jaina Solo. His day was planned.

*** O wygrywaniu

Winning isn't about being better. It's finding your opponent's weakness and exploiting it.

*** Beviin o swoim sposobie walki

"Can you get yourself into a state of mind where nothing, but nothing will stop you? Not even your opponent screaming at you to stop? When all you can see is blood and stuff that'll give you nightmares?"

*** O Mandaloriańskim podej¶ciu do wrogów i kwestii chwilowych sojuszy.

"My enemy's enemy is my friend, right?"
"My enemy's always my enemy but we can both get smart and put that aside while we deal with a common threat."

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